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More than 300 kids have paddled with us between New York's Adirondacks and Maine's Allagash.

Mosquitos, deerflies, pouring rain, hot weather, portages, and everything inbetween made war on you and you still had fun.                                                                                                                                                                     

You even learned how to rescue your buddies when their canoe tipped over. 

That you could have fun spending a night outside in a tent in the rain.I think they like us...

That seeing the sun rise might actually be possible for you and you'd even like it.

What a loon sounds like.  What an eagle looks like.

Even what oxygen and nitrogen and phosphorous look like in a pool of water around your ankles. Beats trying to learn it in school. 



 HEY! WANT TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS ON WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT WATER (besides a place where fish live or swim in)??? And impress your teachers or your parents?  They might need some impressing from you about now.  See what all those little numbers about water you collected turned into!!!  Go to the Fun Stuff picture above and then to the My River Is Better Than Yours button in the upper right and go exploring. Or just click here:


 Grand Falls

This is your place to visit the friends you made, see pictures of yourself and other guys that were out at the same time doing the same things, hundreds of miles away on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Read what they wrote.Write something yourself and send that in.

Find out what your buddies have been up to, see what's going on in your own turf, check out a map of where you went.

For more fun: check out the photo galleries on each trip page and just put (don't click!) your cursor thingy on the picture to read what's happening.

So step into the boat (in the center, please! and holding both rails as you move while your partner holds the canoe steady with a paddle on the lake bottom or standing next to it and go for a trip!

Kid of the month

Invasive Species
Clyde River
Our kid got into more than he bargained for collecting millfoil. Recognize him?

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